Packaging design is a craft of its own. There is a lot of thought that goes into it, and its definitely a long process. We’ve scoured to bring you this curated list of what we deem excellent packaging design inspiration. We hope you’ll enjoy those as much as we do.

Spirits Packaging Design

Agua Bendita Mezcal
by Futura

Agua Bendita Packaging Design
Agua Bendita Mezcal | by Futura
Agua Bendita Bottle
Agua Bendita Mezcal | by Futura

Agua Bendita’s Packaging design by Futura puts a modern twist on traditional mexican culture and traditional mezcal. The bold illustration not only helps the product stand out on shelves, but also frames the brand as “metaphorical and playful”. On the box itself, the illustration is the hero of the design and can be appreciated in its totality. On the product it takes a step back by being placed on the inside of the glass bottle, which gives it a natural blur and distortion and allows the white label to stand out. We can only imagine how one can appreciate this packaging while sipping on the booze. Job well done!

See more of this packaging here

La Knowlton Co.

Executive Creative Director : Alexandre Émond-Turcotte
Art Director : Antoine Dasseville
Concept-Copywriting : Simon Blaquière
Graphic Design : Amélie Touchet, Mathilde Filippi
Illustrations : Mathilde Filippi
Photos : François Ollivier

La Knowlton Co Beer Can Design
La Knowlton Co Beer Label
La Knowlton CO Packaging animation

“Life is Rough. Beer is Smooth”. We love Everything about this project . From Concept to illustration style, down to color choices. We strongly encourage you to take a look at the totality of this project on behance…once you’re done looking at this page that is 😉 . The team behind this design really pulled through and created a real conversation piece with this one. The cartoon illustrations fit the product and really makes this packaging ownable and memorable. See the entire project here

Cannabis Industry Packaging Design

Good Things Coming
by Brand Loyal

Good Things Coming Pouches
Good Things Coming Edible box

Good Things Coming Packaging Design is vibrant and lighthearted. Fitting for an edible cannabis brand. There’s not a lot going on on this design, but it feels right. Just the right amount of feel-good colors and iconography. The name happens to be great, too.

Bloom Farms
by Pavement

Bloom Farms Packaging Design
Bloom Farms box Closeup

Another Cannabis related packaging, Bloom farms’ packaging feels upscale and hand-crafted, much like the product itself. Its labeling system allows the package to adapt to a wide range of products while maintaining consistency across the line. Thumbs up for this brand!

Food Packaging Design Inspiration

Nahla Honey
by Cre8tive Pixels

Nahla Honey Lineup
Nahla Honey Packaging Detail

This packaging reflects the “luxury, premium product that is Nahla Raw Ethiopian Organic Honey”. The unique rhombus shaped boxes tessellate to create the iconic hexagonal honeycomb shape. We love the craftsmanship behind this packaging and branding as a whole. This is a perfect example of how packaging can turn a simple product into an excellent gift. See the full project here

Manno Pizza
by Goods

Manno Pizza Packaging Illustration
Mano Pizza Illustration 2
Manno Pizza Packaging

“Mano means hand and the design concept is based on the story – and now meme – of the “Italian hand”, the mano a borsa gesture often used for emphasis, and situations it might be used.” These boxes feel pretty unusual and that’s what we love about them. The soft pink of the box vs the harsh black of the illustration and type work really well in this scenario. It’s a refreshing and ownable look in a category that has been dominated by basic and unthoughtful packaging.

by Backbone Branding

Riceman Packaging
Riceman Packaging Design

These cute little bags of rice by Backbone Branding are a truly unique piece of packaging. Paying tribute to the often neglected farmers behind the growing process, these packages are as functional as they are emotional. “Portraying the diverse emotional states a person goes through, the graphics go from self-confidence and pride, to satisfaction, empathy and tiredness” explains the agency behind this little gem. To make it even more functional for the consumer, they’ve included measuring cup notes on the inside of the hat. Kuddos to the team behind this project!

Le Chocolat Des Francais
illustration by Alice Des

Le Chocolat Des Francais Packaging Design
Le Chocolat des Francais Closeup

“Le Chocolat Des Francais” ‘ packaging design is all about its origin (France) and the “French Riviera” summer escape vibe one could dream about. While Alice Des’ eye-catchy illustrations make quite a statement on this packaging, we do believe the top area could be better (we could probably lose the red frog, which is probably their logo?).

Baby Products Packaging Design

Lil’ Lamb Packaging Concept
by Kate Zakharova and Pavel Gubin

Lil Lamb Packaging Concept
Lil Lamb Packaging Design

While this project is purely conceptual and don’t actually exist in the real world, it deserves all the recognition and awards. Rooted into the “Less is More” concept, this packaging “reflects the idea of a newborn INNOCENCE.” We love how the black and white color scheme works perfectly on the cardboard paper. Using cardboard boxes, ceramic accessories and reusable dispensers make this packaging design environmentally conscious. Work done by a student! Well Done!

Long Animals
by Arturo Moreno Cangas & Cristina Regidor Fernandéz

Long Animals Packaging Design Exterior
Long Animals Packaging interior

We’re unsure if this is a concept or an already manufactured product. Whichever the case, the packaging is stellar and adds tremendous value to the wooden toy itself. It almost feels as if this box was purposefully designed to encourage young children to put the wooden toy back in its box after playing. Beautiful box for a beautiful toy!


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